Get CBD Oil delivered to your door

GoodLeaf is a premium CBD brand in South Africa with their own line of CBD oils. The oil is made from high-quality natural CBD extract and combined with MCT oils to aid in delivery. They’re available in two strengths, 1000mg and 1500mg, online or in-store. 

The company now has both an online store and brick and mortar shop on the 2nd Floor, 50 Harrington Street, Cape Town where you can also find their cbd oil for sale. They’re looking to bring high end cannabis and CBD products to everyday consumers, and help break the stereotypes around cannabis.

The Benefits of Pure CBD Oil

Many people are using CBD everyday, especially since its recent legalization in South Africa. CBD oil helps relief pain, inflammation, acne, stress and anxiety, and a whole host of other issues. CBD extracts have become a very popular health supplement to take.

The company uses discreet shipping and delivery is about 2 - 3 days.

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