Here is the most cost effective way to build a house

We introduce to you, the best and most cost effective way to build any house in South Africa. FinnBUILDER is a slip-form concrete shuttering using no-slump reinforced concrete. The strength of the concrete is varied from 5 MPa to 40 MPa depending on structural requirements. It is the easiest system for house construction, commercial property construction or industrial property construction.

It's half the cost of building with brick, double the strength as brick, and twice as fast as with brick.

FinnBUILDER is an innovative alternative building system which is fully accredited and backed by most major banks. The system makes use of easy to operate concrete slip forms and 15 MPa reinforced no-slump concrete. This ensures that structures are strong and yet all of this is achieved at surprisingly low cost.

What is the concrete mix to be used?

The mixture used is varied depending on what is to be built, the cost and availability of materials in the locality of the proposed site. The Detailed Construction Guide packaged with the machines, gives 17 different concrete mixes that can be used depending on the application. For general planning purposes, a generic mix of 2 parts 13mm concrete stone; 3 parts river sand; 3 parts building sand and 1 part cement can be used.

How much walling can a FinnBUILDER Operator build in one day?

About 20m2 of vertical walling a day. A Trainee will complete about 10m2 a day and progress over time to 20m2. By comparison a bricklayer will do about 7m2 of vertical walling a day (800 bricks per day).

Will local authorities approve building plans?

Yes. Based on the accreditation of the FinnBUILDER system by the NHBRC, all local authorities in South Africa will approve building plans. Building plans have also been approved in most countries based on this accreditation.

Will the Banks approve building loans for homes to be built with it?

Yes. All four major Banks in South Africa are granting buildings loans for new homes to be built with FinnBUILDER.

FinnBUILDER accepts EFT, Direct Deposit and Credit Cards, and deliveries are done via courier throughout the country.

Costs are from R4600 EACH.

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Tel 011 705 1897 OR 082 800 6906