This is the best brick making machines

Doubell Machines & Equipment are the manufacturers & exporters of brick-making & block-making machinery. For many years now, they have been prominent & an integral part of South Africa in the helping of community upliftment & social improvement by empowering disadvantaged people to empower themselves!

For a small cost, people can purchase a machine that can be used to GENERATE INCOME, BUILD A HOME, HELP REMUNERATE THE COMMUNITY & most importantly, PROVIDE HOPE & COURAGE to many.


Whether you are a man/woman looking to build or extend your own house ;  a business entrepreneur wanting to make an income ; a philanthropist looking to improve lives or a government wanting to house / give jobs to struggling citizens - A DOUBELL MACHINE CAN HELP YOU!

Doubell Machines is a manufacturer of brick-making machines & allied equipment. Their factory is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but the customer base extends across the world.



The DIY machines' prices start as low as R4 300, and can output up to 3000 bricks a day.

The Jumbo models start at R45 000, and can output up to 12 000 bricks a day.


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